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Hello, good morning/afternoon/evening* and welcome! (*please delete as appropriate)

I'm an unrepentant geek who loves all things engineering, scientific or otherwise techie. I would say I love maths too, but I should probably leave that to the experts :-)

Me (apparently always pictured with a drink!)
Me (apparently always pictured with a drink!)

I've been playing with computers and writing software since I was 9 which is way more years than I care to think about. In that time I've had the pleasure of working on everything from massive scale embedded systems (IoT before anyone called it that) to mainframes, and now to decentralised systems. Along the way, I stopped to build operating systems, network stacks, compilers. For a while I also helped design CPU instruction sets.

Lately I've been building blockchain and distributed ledger systems.

That journey has led me all over the world and I've had the privilege of collaborating with some amazing people. I live in North Wales (UK), but for 17 years I “commuted” to Northern California. Now my travels tend to take me to London (UK) and Abu Dhabi (UAE).

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